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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  September 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:16pm PDT

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that breaking news story we're tolling tonight, protestors marching the streets of oakland. i'm jr stone.
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>> i'm just teen -- justin e waling -- justine waldman. >> the protestors are protesting police shooting of a blackman in north carolina. in north carolina, a 5th straight night of protest in the north carolina area. the city has been on edge ever since keith scott's shooting death. the demonstrations were vinyl and destructive. the national guard was called in to main order. after mounding pressure,
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tad -- after mounting pressure, today the charlotte plews police chief released video of the shooting of keith scott. they say they were about to arrest someone else when they saw scott rolling a blunt in his car and say they saw he had a gun with him. >> reporter: charlotte officers yelled commands at keith scott. scott can be and bag weigh from his suv with his hands bundown. it's unleer if there's anything in his hands. the body camera footage does not show the moment scott is shot. it's from the perspective of an officer who did not fire. the officer who did was not wearing a camera. there is no audio for the fist
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20 seconds. at the end, you can hear scott moaning. the police chief says his officers did not break the law but the investigation ison going. >> what we are releasing is the objective facts. what we are giving you is the most complete puzzle that we can without trying to -- without trying the case out in public. i commit it to everybody that i would not do that and aye going to do that is well. >> reporter: police also released pictures of the gun say they was found at the scene as well as a holster and marijuana. the chief says the officer saw marijuana in scott's car, propertying them to act. scott's family is now planning his funeral. >> unfortunately web are left with far more questions than we have answers. it does not make sense to us how it's possible that this incident rutted in the loss of
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life. it just does not make sense and is not clear in the videos that were released. a bay area mom who lost a loved one in a police shooting is speaking out. >> her son, oscar grant, was killed by a b.a.r.t. police officer in 2009. wanda john is now an activist against police produce brutality and says protests should continue in the hope of a positive change. >> reporter: avenuery -- >> african-american people are looked at because of the color of their skin. we're not looked at for what's in our hearts. we need to work to change that. >> reporter: jan wanda johnson lost her son oscar grant in 2009 when he was shot and killed by a -- by a b.a.r.t. police officer in 2009. images like these have stirred a debate about race rais and policing in america, igniting
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protests across the country and here in the bay area. >> think it's important to not only protest but to come up with some kind of strategies where our society will see it's not back to buzz as usual. >> reporter: hundreds took to the streets of oakland this time to protest the shooting death of keith scott in north carolina. >> they need more than 6 months of training in the academy so they can learn how to deescalate situations. >> reporter: john live believes pharaohs should continue to while what she believes is an ongoing problem of systemic policing and failing in the criminal justice system. >> i pray the message is to change wait that we're policing and change the way our judicial system is currently being ran. >> reporter: in oakland, ella
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sinamo dirks an. a 6 hour long standoff ended peacefully in the san francisco civic plaza center. the man said he was suicide -- suicidal and would kill any officer that tried to intervene. during the time he was surrendering, authorities discovered his weapon was an air soft gun instenned of the semiautomatic handgun he claimed to have. this man's threats stilled from family issues he's dealing with. reporting in san francisco, alicia reid, kron 4 news. in san francisco, a store owner in the hait and ashbury neighborhood says this man tried to rob 3 businesses in the afternoon, cull nateing in a fight between 1 store own and the alleged prosecuting
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attorney james segal said he confronted the robber while he was rifling through his safe. he was chased out of the store, and with the help of witnesses nearby, the money stolen was recovered. the man also left his cell phone bind, and that's been handed over to police. hundreds of people showed town pay their last respects to one of the bay area's great associate activists. rose pak's funeral was held in chinatown. in attendatabase were mayors -- issue -- were mayor ed lee and some former may imrorps she died at the age of 68. the heat is on in the bay area, and it's about to get a lot hotter. >> a live look right here. lawrence karno is back with your complete forecast.
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joined one last time by meet rollingist lawrence karno. >> is this it for me? >> exactly. you're fired, karno. >> we mean tonight. >> exact details on how hot it will be in my non-air- conditioning apartment. it will be hot tomorrow. beuflt skies tonight, nice and clear. the temperatures, very you mime 72 in san jose, 66 in livermore, 71 in conc drorks. s it like this at 10:00, and you know we have a hot one as we head to tomorrow. high pressure building in. we'll see an scwauf shore wind tomorrow and into monday too. we have a heat advisory in egg for tomorrow, temperatures in the 90s and 100s in the inland
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areas. acing on the coastline, 70s and 80s. a red flag warning in the mountains. temperatures by day, it will be not livermore, 9 in concord, 94 in san jose. if you want to go to a fun vent, go to the fog fest in pacifica, be weather it will be fog free. >> fogfest without thes -- to a fun event, go to the fog fest in pacificcan. it -- to the fogfest in
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pacificpap the whether -- in pacifica. the weather will be fog free. >> fogfest without the fog. pretty funny. >> well -- we'll see you tomorrow.
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>> this is a look behind the scenes of a television station. >> kron 4 >> the backstory >> the newscast >> day 63 >> scott: alright. thanks, wendy. >>scott: i am out of here wendy. seven more days. >> wendy: how many more days? >> scott: seven more days. >> scott: yes. >> scott: a much smaller markert. i'm going to be the assistant news director. >> wendy: wow >> wendy: do they have more than one live truck there? >> scott: they do have one live truck and it doesn't work right now. so, i'm going to fix that. >> j.r.: youknow it's going to be a big loss for our station but, you know when someone gets a good opportunity to go somewhere. i think you just have to wish them the best and hope it turns out well. >> j.r: is that political or what?


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